What are the core muscles?

Core muscles are one of the most active muscle groups in the body. Whether you are writing,  making dinner,  jogging or playing golf you are engaging your core muscles. Because you use core muscles for so many activities, it is important to keep them strong and flexible. Many people equate the core with their abdominal muscles. But your core is much more than that! According to a sports medicine book “The Role of Core Stability in Athletic Function” the core is described as a muscular box with 29 pairs of muscles!!! And here are some of the biggest muscles: Abdominal Rectus abdominis – located […]

Core killer: superman plank

Plank poses are a popular element of isometric training and the best floor exercises to strengthen core muscle groups. Superman plank pose like other plank poses helps to strengthen core muscles of your body. Side plank, reverse plank and elbow plank are all basic poses where as Superman pose is an intermediate pose that should be performed after performing the basic poses. Technique  Start with the standard plank position in which you hold the body in a straight line, your back is completely flat, neither arched nor rounded. Spread your legs, in this way it will be easier to hold the balance. While you […]