The Dead Bug exercise

Although it might have a funny name, the dead bug exercise is actually an extremely useful way to strength your abs without putting any stress or strain on your lower back. Essentially, the exercise is extremely similar to when you see an ant or beetle that’s been rolled over and can’t get back upright. Whilst they flail their limbs in the air in panic, this replicated exercise is much more controlled and has the aim of trying to strengthen your core opposed to getting you back up to standing. How Do I Do It? Start by lying flat on your […]

Side Plank Wokout

Fitness and flat stomach go hand in hand. People who wish to remain fit set out a routine and follow it judiciously. Along with treadmill, spinning and lifting weights stretches are also important to keep your body flexible. This is where plank poses help. There are several types of plank poses and side plank also known as Vasishtasana in yoga is one of them. In side plank the person works the back and strengthens the spine, buttocks and legs. Start holding side plank for 10-15 seconds for each side and gradually increase time to 60-90 seconds. Do 3-5 reps for […]

Stretch you body: reverse plank exercise

The reverse plank is also know as purvottanasana. In Sanskrit ‘Purva’ means the whole body and ‘uttana’ means intense stretch. So this pose stretches your entire body and helps you to be flexible. It stretches your hands, legs, biceps and shoulders and abdomen and also strengthens your core muscles. Your feet are also worked out and so does your spine. It also stretches your chest and strengthens your wrists. In case you’ve a back problem or arthritis, consult your doctor before performing this pose. Reverse plank pose is also known as upward plank pose. Technique Begin sitting on your bum with […]

Bird-Dog – The Ultimate Core’s Strength Booster

Core muscles constitute one of the most important groups of muscles in your body. You can maintain the balance and erect posture due to the strong core. Because we encounter most of the stresses in our surroundings, our balance and the posture may get challenged. Therefore, it also leaves the negative impact on your core stability. Bird-Dog pose can fix the weak core’s strength!!! With the help of the bird-Dog pose, you can prevent the chances of the faulty posture and low back pain in the future. Not only, the Bird-Dog pose is designed for improving the functional capacity of […]

Improve balance, flexibility and strength with Warrior III

Warrior III or Virabhadrasana III is a final pose of three-pose Virabhadrasana series. This yoga move will test your balance, tones your legs, strengths core muscles and improves flexibility! Moreover, you do not need any equipment at all. For this position, you balance on one leg while bending forward at the torso and raising your opposite leg to form a T with your body. With the amount of strength, it requires to hold your balance, Warrior III develops and tones the muscles of your core, while also strengthening your legs, shoulders, and back. Technique Stay tall Hands come to the waist line Step the […]

Glute Bridge: Redefining Core through one move!!!

We all are bounded with many stresses around us; rather it is the force of gravity or the workplace’s tension. Of course, no one cares about the external or even internal stresses until unless it starts jeopardizing the quality of life and the productivity scale. Most probably, the pain that you’re experiencing in your lumbar area is because of the faulty posture or sitting in the same position for long hours. So, to throw out this sort of pain from your life, you should begin doing the Bridge exercise on a daily basis. Glute bridge exercise is the core strengthener […]

Elbow Plank Exercise

Fitness and weight loss has become a fad today. Many trainers add some yoga poses to stretch and strengthen core muscles. Elbow plank pose is the most popular plank variation to stretch and challenge core muscles and increase balance. What is elbow plank pose? Elbow plank pose is an amazing pose that helps to stretch the legs and work on upper arms. It also strengthens the shoulders and works out the core muscles. Also known as dolphin pose this pose is a part of stretches for weight loss and fitness.  After a brisk walk or run it is better to […]

Core killer: superman plank

Plank poses are a popular element of isometric training and the best floor exercises to strengthen core muscle groups. Superman plank pose like other plank poses helps to strengthen core muscles of your body. Side plank, reverse plank and elbow plank are all basic poses where as Superman pose is an advanced pose that should be performed after performing the basic poses. Technique  Start with the standard plank position in which you hold the body in a straight line, your back is completely flat, neither arched nor rounded. Spread your legs, in this way it will be easier to hold the balance. While you […]

Elbow VS Full plank

Side, elbow, reverse or superman plank – they all came from the traditional full plank (planking with your arms straight and palms on the ground). When choosing a core exercise, you really can not go wrong with planks. Full plank does not challenge your ABS as elbow plank, but it is a great option if you want to strengthen your upper body as it engages a lot of arm muscles, specifically the triceps. If you want to focus more on your ABS, consider elbow plank in which your arms are bent, elbows are directly beneath shoulders, and your weight rests on your forearms. It also takes […]