What Is an Isometric Exercise?

You might think that getting into good shape requires a variety of sweat-intensive exercises that have you throwing your limbs all over the place. However, strength, size, fat loss, and toning simply needs to engage and challenge your muscles, but it doesn’t matter too much exactly how you do this. In fact, you can actually build some serious strength and muscle from keep your muscles completely still. Essentially, there are three types of exercises: Isotonic Isokinetic Isometric Isotonic is what you typically think of when exercising: contracting the muscle to lengthen and shorten it under tension. You can have concentric […]

Improve balance, flexibility and strength with Warrior III

Warrior III or Virabhadrasana III is a final pose of three-pose Virabhadrasana series. This yoga move will test your balance, tones your legs, strengths core muscles and improves flexibility! Moreover, you do not need any equipment at all. For this position, you balance on one leg while bending forward at the torso and raising your opposite leg to form a T with your body. With the amount of strength, it requires to hold your balance, Warrior III develops and tones the muscles of your core, while also strengthening your legs, shoulders, and back. Technique Stay tall Hands come to the waist line Step the […]

Running: core strength

As runners, we tend to focus on building stronger legs, heart, and lungs but we too often forget core muscles. If you think your “core” is just your abs – you’re very wrong. It includes everything from your hips and glutes to your lower back. A good core routine will work all of these muscles to help you to improve your running posture and speed. The biggest benefit of core strength for runners is increasing stabilization in the torso. Your core muscles – the chest, back, abs, and obliques – are what keep your torso upright when you run, and reduce […]

Elbow Plank Exercise

Fitness and weight loss has become a fad today. Many trainers add some yoga poses to stretch and strengthen core muscles. Elbow plank pose is the most popular plank variation to stretch and challenge core muscles and increase balance. What is elbow plank pose? Elbow plank pose is an amazing pose that helps to stretch the legs and work on upper arms. It also strengthens the shoulders and works out the core muscles. Also known as dolphin pose this pose is a part of stretches for weight loss and fitness.  After a brisk walk or run it is better to […]

How long should I hold a plank pose?

In traditional strength-training exercises, the movements are made more difficult by increasing the amount of weight involved.  For example, if you’re doing biceps curls with 8-lb weights and want to make the move more difficult, you’ll exchange your 8-lb weights for a set of 10-lb weights.  With isometric exercises, like plank poses, the level of difficulty is increased by holding the pose for a longer period of time. People often wonder how often they should be doing plank poses and for how long they should hold each pose.  Here are some basic guidelines that will answer those questions. Beginners Beginning […]

Core killer: superman plank

Plank poses are a popular element of isometric training and the best floor exercises to strengthen core muscle groups. Superman plank pose like other plank poses helps to strengthen core muscles of your body. Side plank, reverse plank and elbow plank are all basic poses where as Superman pose is an advanced pose that should be performed after performing the basic poses. Technique  Start with the standard plank position in which you hold the body in a straight line, your back is completely flat, neither arched nor rounded. Spread your legs, in this way it will be easier to hold the balance. While you […]

Elbow VS Full plank

Side, elbow, reverse or superman plank – they all came from the traditional full plank (planking with your arms straight and palms on the ground). When choosing a core exercise, you really can not go wrong with planks. Full plank does not challenge your ABS as elbow plank, but it is a great option if you want to strengthen your upper body as it engages a lot of arm muscles, specifically the triceps. If you want to focus more on your ABS, consider elbow plank in which your arms are bent, elbows are directly beneath shoulders, and your weight rests on your forearms. It also takes […]

Does the Plank Actually Work?

If you’re looking to build a strong and stable core, then there’s nothing quite like a good plank. Though many people might spend ages completing all manors of reps upon reps of sit-ups, the humble plank actually trumps all when it comes to core work. The biggest benefit of the plank is that it involves your entire body. Whilst many other core exercise specifically target the abdominal or back muscles, the plank teaches you how to use your body as a unit, creating balance and stability beyond just your midsection. This skill transfers over to everyday life far more than […]