Glute Bridge: Redefining Core through one move!!!

We all are bounded with many stresses around us; rather it is the force of gravity or the workplace’s tension. Of course, no one cares about the external or even internal stresses until unless it starts jeopardizing the quality of life and the productivity scale. Most probably, the pain that you’re experiencing in your lumbar area is because of the faulty posture or sitting in the same position for long hours. So, to throw out this sort of pain from your life, you should begin doing the Bridge exercise on a daily basis. Glute bridge exercise is the core strengthener […]

Running: core strength

As runners, we tend to focus on building stronger legs, heart, and lungs but we too often forget core muscles. If you think your “core” is just your abs – you’re very wrong. It includes everything from your hips and glutes to your lower back. A good core routine will work all of these muscles to help you to improve your running posture and speed. The biggest benefit of core strength for runners is increasing stabilization in the torso. Your core muscles – the chest, back, abs, and obliques – are what keep your torso upright when you run, and reduce […]